Information Management and Data QualityTechnology-Assisted, Knowledge-Driven Solutions to Manage the Integrity and Quality of Your Data

Automate and Save

PryCop information management and subject matter experts will build and store for you knowledge about your data, create automation rules to handle necessary changes, and then apply those to test and monitor the integrity and correctness of the data. The system can be continuously improved and reused as needed.

Data Migration

PryCop specialists automate the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming and moving information from one system to another. Learn More

Data Assessment

Highly qualified subject matter experts interpret the content of data sources to ensure that the data meaning matches standard definitioons. Learn More

Data Enhancement

PryCop subject matter experts use powerful proprietary technology to augument, organize, and store content in an understandable manner. Learn More

Gap Analysis

PryCop engineers use advanced technology to automate the examination and assessment of data sources to identify differences. Learn More

Solution Integration

Our technical staff will provide users with unified views of data residing in different sources such as enterpryse systems, excel files, or process systems. Learn More

Standards Assessment

PryCop SMEs will help creating or assessing technical data standards that formalize the storeage or exchange of data records. Learn More

Data Quality KPI

PryCop data quality systems calculate key performance indicators such as business rules compliance levels for specified data elements. Learn More

Information Standards

PryCop technicians will check if data, meta-data, documents and other forms of information meet regulatory, reporting and other requirements. Learn More

Data Lifecycle MGMT

PryCop employs proven strategies to ensure your corporate takes advantage of consistent, reliable data that’s ready for analytics. Learn More

Data Collection

PryCop data collection services include gathering and mobilizing information trapped in established systems, pdf, word, image, and text files. Learn More

Data Cleansing

Our experts will use advanced technology to automatically correct typos, misspellings, ZIP codes, duplicate data, data formats, and more. Learn More

Data Matching

PryCop will automatically find records that refer to the same entity in different data sources to ensure only true values are stored and used. Learn More

Custom Reports

Our technical staff will help you customize standard reports, or build custom reports from scratch to suit the exact needs of your organization. Learn More

Power BI Dashboards

We offer full technical services to efficiently create custom and skilfully designed Power BI dashboardsto empower your teams to do more with data. Learn More

Data Warehousing

We create central business intelligence repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources for reporting and data analysis. Learn More

Data Profiling

We examine the data available from various information sources and produce reliable statistics or informative summaries about that data. Learn More

Data Monitoring

PryCop automated data monitoring services allow organizations to proactively maintain a high, consistent standard of data quality. Learn More

Information Security

PryCop experts implement processes and technology intended to keep data secure from unauthorized access or alterations. Learn More