IOWPlusBest in Class Integrity Operating Windows Solution


IOWPlus is an advanced yet affordable integrity operating windows management solution. It gives you all the tools you need to set limits under which a machine can operate safely. Working outside of IOWs may cause otherwise preventable damage or failure.


Starting at $325 a month Minimum 8 Hours Implementation Support and Training
  • 250 GB File Storage Space
  • Up To 100 Unique Assets
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Excel Data Loading
  • Excel and Native Reports
  • On-Demand Regulatory Reporting
  • Daytime Phone Customer Support


Starting at $530 a month Minimum 24 HoursImplementation Support and Training
  • 500 GB File Storage Space
  • Up To 350 Unique Assets
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Excel and Integrated Data Loading
  • Excel and Native Reports
  • On-Demand Regulatory Reporting
  • Extended Phone Customer Support


Starting at $1010 a month FREE 50 AssetMigration of Static Data
  • 1.5 TB File Storage Space
  • Up To 600 Unique Assets
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Excel Data Loading
  • Enterprise 360 Integration
  • Power BI, Excel, and Native Reports
  • Integrated Regulatory Reporting
  • 24/7 Phone Customer Support


IOWPlus offers the same functionality as more expensive integrity operating windows management solutions but for a fraction of their cost. Now you can get everything you need for an affordable price.

Automated Data QA

IOWPlus automated data checkers offer the most detailed and automated way to check the quality of the data before bad data "poisons" an entire database.Learn more

Data Validation

IOWPlus intelligent reconciliation software is powered by machine learning algorithms backed by a rich and continuously updated rule based engine maintained by highly qualified SMEs. Learn more

DCS/SCADA Integration

IOWPlus is designed to integrate with plant supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or distributed control systems (DCS) on multiple levels. Learn more

Real-Time Data

In fully integrated mode, IOWPlus records, aggregates, reports, analyzes, an visualizes data in real time to ensure immediate operational response. Learn more


IOWPlus sends automated SMS and e-mail notifications to specified users when monitored parameters are above or below pre-configured acceptable operating limits. Learn more

Custom Rules

IOWPlus management portal built-in functionality allows for integrity operating windows limits, notifications engine, parameter selection, and security matrix configuration.Learn more

Hosting Packages

PryCop offers an array of web hosting packages optimized for your needs. Hosting is even better with FREE features, such as unmetered bandwidth, free installs, or free SSL certificate.

On Premise

Starting from $40/month

PryCop will deploy AIMPlus on servers located on your premises and maintain the solution remotely or via on-site visits.

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Included In Software License

AIMPlus is deployed on cloud servers hosts to ensure greater flexibility, scalability, and support.

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Dedicated Server

Starting from $120/month

Ideal solution for customers who are looking to build an enterprise-class server on a limited budget.

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