Reduced Operational Cost • Improved Service Attainment • Process Optimization

Data Extraction

Use proprietary AI engines to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively extract information trapped in paper, dwg, PDF, jpg, png, gif and other document formats. As an Amazon partner we have access to the latest text and image recognition technologies.

Data Automation

Automatically validate, reconcile, transform, analyze, export, load, and store data retrieved from multiple sources. Prepare and disseminate decision ready information and create useful feedback mechanisms. Provide insights that would be otherwise unavailable to an enterprise.

Cost Optimization

Reduce operational costs by safely eliminating unnecessary work and streamlining processes with the help of recognized subject matter experts. Their solid, in-depth knowledge of processes and decades-long field experience will enable your enterprise deliver more efficiently.


Let’s discuss data handling costs ...

YOUR HIGH COST ACTIVITIES: • Manually collect data trapped in PDF files or paper documents • Validate and update old information • Resolve information inconsistencies accross heterogeneous systems • Update enterprise databases • Check against regulatory documentation • Data handover and integration

OUR COST SAVING SERVICES: Use proprietary AI engines to automate data extraction • Use proprietary AI and rule based engines to detect and correct data errors • Reconcile information stored in various data silos to establish source of truth • Automatically prepare data for loading into enterprise systems.

... and inspection program costs

YOUR HIGH COST ACTIVITIES: • Collect, proof, and integrate static and in-service inspection and survey data • Conduct and log risk assessments • Determine degradation mechanisms • Integrate fluid analysis information • Establish asset strategies • Determine corrosion rates, next inspection dates, and asset remaining life • Prioritize activities

OUR COST SAVING SERVICES: • Automatically collect and validate asset static and inspection history data • Automatically compute critical parameters such as short term corrosion rates, long term corrosion rates, next inspection dates, and asset remaining life • Automatically rank assets based on mechanical condition and risk • Provide assset strategy and risk assessment collaboration software • Automate the inspection planning process • Safely reduce the number of inspection points by transitioning to risking circuits


Data Availability and Quality Assurance

It is our job to make data available when is needed and where is needed. We have the ability not only to beam essential information to every location in your business environment but also to ensure it is correct and up to date.

Inspection Optimization Strategy

Inspection Optimization Strategies (IOS) are structured ways to identify cost saving opprtunities typically conducted in four steps:
1) Inspection Quality Review 2) Scope Optimization 3) Non-Distructive Inspection 4) Asset Inspection Strategy Delivery

Data Integration

An essential step in Inspection Quality Review is Data Integration, a process of combining data from different sources (Maximo, SAP, MaxiTrack, Vision, Excel, PDF, Paper, Pictures, UT devices, SCADA Systems) into a single, unified view. Integration includes operations such as data cleansing, data mapping, data migration, data transformation, and data reconciliation to establish information source of truth. At PryCop proprietary software applications are used to automate integration processes and compute essential inspection quality KPIs.

Asset Ranking

Our ARMS proprietary software application helps asset integrity subject matter experts rank equipment based on mechancal condition, HSE, and corporate risk. By doing so the process of prioritizing inspection activities and eliminating unnecessary work is simplified. What takes several highly qualified specialists weeks and possibly months to accomplish is done in hours or days. Data visualization and reporting tools such as PowerBI prepare and disseminate decision ready information to various stakeholders regarless of their location.

Asset Strategy

Our experts will review your curent asset integrity management strategy to ensure safe operation while minimizing inspection costs. We will also participate in the handover of new equipment static data along with a schedule of activities either required by the regulating bodies or by process characteristics. Our consultants will help you prioritize investment decisions to optimize CAPEX and OPEX based on practical and performance constraints to derive maximum value with the resources you have. It is a condition-based, not a time-based approach.

Service Delivery Model

We take pride in delivering excelling services with fast immediate return of investment. We focus on what creates value to our customers. Our secret of creating the ultimate customer experience relies on a repeatable, reliable three-phase approach:

Proof Of Value
  • Select a S.M.A.R.T. Case
  • Measure Current Process Performance
  • Design Improved Solution
  • Implement Improved Solution
  • Measure Improved Process Performance
  • Estimate Pilot Budget
  • Present Results to Stakeholders

  • Assemble a Combined Pilot Team
  • Select a High Impact Target
  • Set Pilot Tasks and Expectations
  • Prepare Pilot Schedule
  • Execute Pilot Scope
  • Evaluate Pilot Results
  • Estimate Enterprise Deployment Impact
  • Present Results to Stakeholders

  • Reshape Pilot Team to Meet ERP Needs
  • Create ERP Change Management Plan
  • Create ERP Execution Plan
  • Create Quality Management Plan
  • Implement ERP Solution
  • Train Users
  • Monitor Impact and Transition To Support
3 Data Scientists
2 Engineers
3 Chief Inspectors
8 Data Quality Technicians